The Underwater Council of British Columbia


The Underwater Council of British Columbia, a Non Profit Society operating with Volunteers and funded by Donations, has been serving BC Recreational Divers since 1991.


Diver Safety Series 

Courtesy of Ocean Quest Dive Centre

General Diver Safety Tips: so you enjoy Diving...

  • • Balance training and experience - You need both to become a good diver.
    Seek training from a good instructor who is willing to assist you to become a better diver.
  • •  Stay within the limits of your training and experience.
  • •  Master buoyancy skills.
  • •  Master propulsion techniques.
  • •  Develop good situational awareness (this happens through training and experience).
  • •  Practice team diving principles.
  • •  Communicate all transition points of dive with your buddy.
  • •  Limit your movements while diving - "The best divers move the least ".
  • •  Avoid overexertion.
  • •  Have a reference during all parts of the dive (descent, ascent and bottom) - Wall, Bottom, Down/Up Line, SMB with Spool, etc.
  • •  Perform slow ascents and extend your safety stops.
  • •  Do not dive deep until you have had proper training and you have mastered buoyancy control and have a reasonable breathing rate.
  • •  Become a Rescue Diver.
  • •  Use good fitting, maintained equipment suitable for local diving.
  • •  Receive training in the use of specialized equipment before using it.
  • •  Get a check up if you have any medical conditions that interfere with safe diving (lungs/heart).

Keep Diving Safely Everyone! 

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