The Underwater Council of British Columbia


The Underwater Council of British Columbia, a Non Profit Society operating with Volunteers and funded by Donations, has been serving BC Recreational Divers since 1991.


Our Memberships are Free

Become a member for the strength there is in numbers.
Become a member to help the UCBC obtain grants and donations.



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 Please note our new Non-Individual Memberships Policy:

Dive Clubs/Shops/Associations/Resorts/Charters' UCBC Memberships no longer covers each and every member but only the Clubs/Shops/Associations/Resorts/Charters itself.
Each individual, diver or non-diver, should they wish to support us, is now required to fill out an Individual Membership to be a UCBC Member.

The UCBC has no paid employees and operates solely with volunteer support and donations.

100% of the funds received by the Underwater Council of British Columbia go toward advancing UCBC Mooring Buoys and ensure that recreational divers have a voice in BC. 


A UCBC Membership gives you: 

  • A stronger voice as a Diver in British Columbia
  • Members may vote at the UCBC Annual General Meetings
  • Members are welcome to attend Our Directors' Meetings


We Thank You for your Ongoing Support!

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