The Underwater Council of British Columbia


The Underwater Council of British Columbia, a Non Profit Society operating with Volunteers and funded by Donations, has been serving BC Recreational Divers since 1991.


British Columbia Diving Safety 

An important message from dive professional and 
former UCBC Dive Safety Officer (2010-2013), Brendan Andresen:

 Diving in BC is a safe and enjoyable sport which many locals and tourists partake in year round, however with the general nature of the sport it has its inherent risks. The cold water diving environment and equipment can be more intensive then a warm water diver is used to, divers should take appropriate steps when diving in these conditions.

Along with all other certification training and requirements, strong emphasis for new cold water divers or inexperienced divers to ascend and descend using a line or fixed reference (such as a wall or sloping bottom),  practice conservative gas management and dropping diver weight system to achieve positive buoyancy on the surface in an emergency.

Also diving with a local diving guide, such as a Divemaster or Instructor can greatly improve your experience as well, helping with planning, conducting and enjoying your diving experience safely here in Beautiful British Columbia. 


UCBC's Diving Fatality Reports:

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