The Underwater Council of British Columbia


The Underwater Council of British Columbia, a Non Profit Society operating with Volunteers and funded by Donations, has been serving BC Recreational Divers since 1991.


The Underwater Council of British Columbia

is a non-profit Society dedicated to promoting safe recreational SCUBA diving, environmental protection and acting as the unified voice of recreational divers in British Columbia.

Our Directors have varied backgrounds and are involved Volunteer Members of the BC Dive and Environmental Communities sharing a common goal.

We have enormous goals and we need you, recreational divers and environmentalists, to become involved by Joining UCBC for free. Whether your interest lies in Citizen Science, reef protection via Mooring Buoys or even promoting Diver Safety, we need your help.

The UCBC operates and pursues its mandate and projects mostly though donations, utilizing the time, skills and passion for the ocean held by our members!

“ Our Mission is to promote safe and sustainable recreational underwater diving for current and future generations and help ensure a sustainable and enhanced marine environment.”

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